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Apple Pay benefits for online businesses

Simple payments

Clients don’t need to fill in their details every time. With Apple Pay, they’ll save their data once to pay in one click.

Every payment protection

Billing data is encrypted. What’s best, buyers confirm every purchase by using Face ID or Touch ID.

Payments with any card

Apple Pay allows buyers to add several cards and easily switch between them.

How Apple Pay works for your clients

Apple Pay can be used from different devices. It is available on:

  • all iPhones starting with the 6th model

  • iPad Pro, iPad 5, Air 2, mini 3 and newer models

  • MacBook when using Safari browser

1. A customer adds products to the shopping cart

2. Chooses Apple Pay at the checkout stage

3. Confirms payment via Face ID or Touch ID

4. Money is taken out from the card

How to get started with Apple Pay

1. Sign up for PayGames

Create a PayGames personal account and start the project in your account

2. Create Apple Developer account

Sign up for an Apple Developer platform

3. Set up Apple and PayGames

Set up interaction between Apple and PayGames

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