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PayGames is an unrivalled solution to protect your clients’ payment data and block any fraudulent activities

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PCI DSS Level 1

We do whatever it takes to keep your customers’ payment information safe.

PayGames complies with the most stringent data protection standards in the online payment industry. Verifying our certification year by year, we are proud to be included in the VISA registry as a reliable provider.

3-D Secure

An additional protection level of online payments from fraudsters.

A client not only enters the payment data on the website but also confirms the payment through the bank’s application on a smartphone or a one-time SMS password. This is how we make sure the card is used by its owner.

Anti-fraud system that caters to your business needs


Our system is made up of 200 rules by which fraudulent activities can be spotted. In real time, the system checks all payments and blocks suspicious ones.

Flexible set up of validation rules

We understand that every business can be exposed to different risks. For this reason, we keep the specifics of your business and possible fraud schemes in mind when conducting monitoring.

Regular updates of the fraud schemes database

The anti-fraud system informs about new atypical actions. We analyse the scammers behaviour, derive patterns and add them to our database.

PayGames KYC: verification of the seller and buyer identities

PayGames operates according to the international and local regulatory standards. This includes a verification procedure of the identity by the KYC policy.

We check sellers before the payment system integration. Buyers are checked when some suspicious operations are noticed.

All those enable us to decrease the risks of fraudulent activities and steer clear of untrustworthy merchants and buyers.

For verification, we use a semi-automatic system that conducts checks according to:

  • Apple Pay and Google Pay

  • Checkout to choose

  • Payments cascading and routing

  • Card tokenization

A cloud based anti-fraud solution

You don’t need to accept payments with PayGames to make use of our anti-fraud system. We offer it as SAAS solution.

  • Simple integration via API
  • Round-the-clock support

  • Perfect balance between superior protection and a high conversion rate

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